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Installation in 7 EASY Steps

  Remove the TwistIIClean from its box. Check to make sure the box also contains a small dispenser of sealant tape and two slip/threaded adapters for use if needed.
2   Be sure the clear bowl is securely tightened (hand tighten only). The unit is shipped with the bowl loose. Lift the red safety latch and rotate the top handle a few times to make sure it will rotate 1/4 clockwise turn.
3   Prepare the piping manifold to install TwistIIClean. Select the best fittings for your installation, using slip or threaded fittings as desired. Notice the direction of water flow through the unit -- a flow direction arrow is molded into the side of the unit. (Fig A).
4   Use proper PVC solvents and follow gluing instructions on solvent container. Do not spill solvent on any part of the TwistIIClean unit.
5   Mounting eyelets provide for a more stable installation (Fig B). Stabilizer bolts are recommended for long term stability of your TwistIIClean. Use ⅜" Hex Lag Screws plus washers and PVC pipe to connect to a secure surface. These parts are NOT supplied with your TwistIIClean.
6   Once installed, test by turning water supply on slowly, allowing water to feed through the unit. Check for leaks. After lifting the safety latch, twist the top handle with a ¼ clockwise turn to re-direct the flow for cleaning. This should lift the screen element inside the bowl and release flush water through the purge exit at the bottom of the unit. Twist the handle back to its "run" position, lower the safety latch and check for leaks.
7   Attach a flush drain hose (if necessary) to direct the purged particle matter and excess water to a drain or other desired area for discharge (Fig C).

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