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2011 World Ag Expo Product of the Year

TwistIIClean Nominated for 2011 Best Product of the Year by World Ag Expo

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What Our Customers Say...

From Homeowners to Installers - TwistIIClean Is Praised



“The reason we chose the LAKOS product over what we had used in the past as a sand separator is because of the twist and clean option. That makes it much easier for our customers to clear the sand filter versus having to remove a screen and manually wash it. This product was a perfect fit for our customer and we are happy to have such a great product to offer."


TwistIIClean Water Treatment

Mike Wiesenberg
Affordable Water Treatment, Inc.
Orlando, FL



“We called our favorite plumbers, Independent Plumbing, in Scottsbluff NE, to help us with a leaky ‘sand filter.’ They tried a new one of the same model we'd had before, and it still leaked. Next they upgraded us to a LAKOS filter and, after it was adjusted, all's been fine! LAKOS is visually a much more solidly built filter, and with the turnable flushing feature, we'll save hundreds on filter inserts. "

"We're happy to find a filter that will hold up and do the job!


TwistIIClean Residential

Ann Solomon
Scottsbluff, NE



“Installed in a Solar Water Treatment system, the LAKOS TwistIIClean is the first line of defense and treatment. Raw well water is pre-filtered using the TwistIIClean, protecting the filament and carbon filter, and helping to provide low TDS for optimum optical quality for the final Ultraviolet treatment. We picked the TwistIIClean because it represents a rugged, bullet-proof solution, and it's easy to maintain - even 9,500 miles from home (installation is in Africa!). Within minutes, we were able to train local technicians, and they were able to correctly use and maintain the product!”

Solar Treatment System Filter

Tom Bowers
Preferred Pump
Fresno, CA



Once again LAKOS has come up with a functional and easy to use product. The TwistIIClean not only efficiently traps sand and sediment, but with a simple turn of the handle to flush and clean the unit, maintenance is a snap. From a company that always listens and responds to its customers, I would expect nothing less. ”


Residential Filter

Ron Taylor
Auberry, CA



“While watching a video on YouTube of the Rusco spin down filter I discovered a video on the LAKOS TwistIIClean. From there I went to the web site and read all the info, made the phone call and ended up talking to Mr. Howard at LAKOS which led to the decision on size and mesh, insuring the lowest possible pressure loss with least amount of times required for cleaning…

The product is working great with no loss of water pressure as of this e-mail.


Stephen Bonkowski
Lake Orion, MI



“Was contacted by a customer who was having problems with irrigation valves leaking and not properly shutting down. Went to customer's house to check out problem and well was pulling up some tiny rock pieces and they where not allowing valves to fully shutdown. After speaking with customer and suggesting a LAKOS filter, he agreed and I installed the 1" TwistIIClean. Has been several weeks and the problem is solved, filter is catching problem pieces and system is running great. I have used Vu-Flo filters for years and this is the first LAKOS filter I have installed. The fact that filter can be purged and cleaned without shutting down pump, make this filter the best I have used without a doubt.

From now on, any of my customers who need a filter I will definitely suggest they use a LAKOS brand TwistIIClean, love the product!”


irrigation leaks solution

Justin Smith
Lang Irrigation
Venice, FL